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Does this sound familiar?

Jump first, plan second…

Entrepreneurs and Founders are thought to Jump out over the edge, planning to build the plane on the way down. Leveraging airstreams and wind whenever they can be found, you plan to fuel the plane, after you land, so you can continue the journey.  Only after you glide onto the runway do you stop to take a look around….

Perhaps this can explain the “create the business at all costs” mentality, as it often feels like we truly have jumped and are now free falling without a safety net. Mustering all of the strength, perseverance, tenacity, and creativity you’ve got, you may find yourself landing gently on the ground. However, that outcome is a reality for only a small fraction of those brave souls who jump. Not because they don’t have what it takes, but because they simply didn’t build their parachute in time. Ensuring your chances to land safely and hit the ground running requires a team of experienced allies.

A team of passionate, seasoned ‘jumpers’ who have experienced the thrill as well as the anxiety, who can guide you through the gusts of wind and help you land successfully.

This is one of our favorite analogies of the entrepreneurial spirit, it gets to the heart of the passion along with both the fear and excitement of the journey. We know what it’s like because we’ve been there too. Acrelic Group’s principals have first hand knowledge from their years (Average of 25+) of experience and are here to help you navigate the highs and lows in order to avoid wasted time, reduce risks, improve customer knowledge, and smooth out the processes.

We are an ally to the brave who jump by assisting them in various ways:

  • Individual Leadership Coaching to Improve Effectiveness, Nimbleness and Improve Decision Making
  • Align Teams, Organizations, and Culture with Business Strategies and Pivots
  • Identifying and Prioritizing Alternative Tactical and Strategic options
  • Developing Comprehensive understanding of Markets, Customer Needs, Goals & Objectives
  • Prioritizing Realistic Product/Market Fit & Value Proposition
  • Establish level of profitability and cash performance of the business through the various stages of growth
  • Analyze the shift of requirements, directional feedback and needs through the business lifecycle from concept to market
    1. Prototype to Alpha/Beta Testing
    2. First Commercial Unit
    3. Initial Growth from Pent-up and low-hanging demand
    4. Scaling that captures a significant milestone and market share that drives value in the business
    5. Expansion that creates opportunities to enter new markets, sell more to current customers, and create a formidable business on its way, potentially to unicorn status

For a variety of reasons, the journey that entrepreneurs plan for always seems like a smooth curve as illustrated in the standard “S” curve. [Figure 1]. It shows a very steady, smooth transition in growth of a business from the first hypothesis to global domination and maturity. The vision of a nice smooth ride down to a successful, soft landing is altogether too enticing to pass up.

Business "S" Curve

However, anyone who has been brave enough to jump knows that the journey, especially in the beginning, is anything but smooth. Experienced entrepreneurs and founders know the pain of whiplash that comes from the more realistic curve(s) of Figure 2.

The Real Growth Curve

Thankfully, our experienced Principals and Consultants have experience in navigating the true process of jumping and use their expertise and strong track-record you and your team to reduce the risks and accelerate your successes. Acrelic Group works closely and quickly with our clients to:

  • Clarify the Needs and Character of your business
    • People and Organizational needs
    • Market Segments and Sizes
    • Product Benefits and Viability
    • Product-Market Fit
    • Business Economics and Operations
      • Financials and Forecasting
      • KPIs and OKRs that are relevant and of greatest value to investors and your company
      • Operational Risks and Capabilities
      • Operational Requirements at your current and future phases of business growth
    • Strategic Goals and Direction Setting to Monitor Progress and Achieve/Exceed them
    • Prepare for pivots
  • Lean on and lean from our Functional, Technical, Process Experts (and our Extended Network) to rapidly address questions or issues that arise during growth
  • Organize and operate effectively and efficiently at the right times within realistic budgets
  • Improve Value Proposition and the Net Benefit
  • Prioritize investments and go-to market efforts

Acrelic Group and Your Journey

With the experienced principals of Acrelic Group on your team, your journey can resemble the ideal, smooth ride and avoid the worst of the whiplash [Figure 3]. As player-coaches, the carefully selected team of principals dedicated to your success will guide you through to a soft landing where you can hit the ground running and achieve Remarkable Results autonomously into the future.

    5 Stages of Team Development

    Our Player-Coach approach helps you:

    • Build a great business for you and your investors, employees, customers and other stakeholders
    • Make better decisions at a reduced risk;
    • Act quickly and decisively in unknown situations
    • Align the organization at the pace of growth and change for success
    • Minimize the pain of external and internal change
    • Clarify and improve the best customer Value Proposition for each target market
    • Set realistic and clear goals for your teams and business
    • Remove and minimize the People and Business Blockers
    • Successfully navigate through or around Inflection Points, Crisis, External Factors and other surprises

    If you’re ready to not only jump – but to succeed, contact Acrelic Group and find out which experts will be on your team. Move your business forward with Acrelic Group!

    Better You. Better Team. Better Business.


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