Principles and Core Values

"You are who you work with, and work for..."


Acrelic Group Principals and Consultant bring their broad and deep experience, skills, leadership talent, and passion to our clients.  In our careers we have realized that we bring together our deep seated Principles, which are transparent foundations for our efforts to help our clients Achieve Remarkable Results!


To ensure compatibility and extreme collaboration, we search for clients who have similar principles.

Acrelic Group Principles – 2022


3. Selectivity - "If you Enjoy What You Do... You will Never Work Day in Your LifeWe are selective in our efforts, while paying-it-forward. That implies working with clients and partners that are like us, add value, have similar principals, and live to the high standards we set for ourselves, our work, and our clients successWe decline work where we can't add value...

5. Success Comes From Managing Change Through People and ProcessSuccessful Impact to a Business cannot rely on logic and rationale alone to create change or new goals and tactics. Parallel Efforts in People/ Organization and Business Process and Methods are required to succeedPeople Issues Overhang Success by Multiples over Business Process & Logic

7. We Strive for Making the Complex, Simple Through Divergent Thinking and Safe DebateSmart Leaders Create Transparent Organizations Where it is Easy to Follow New Pivots and Courses. We Make it Easy to Pursue New Things while Discouraging Old Behaviors that are Non-ProductiveUnraveling Complexity is Critical to Agility and Lean Methods to Succeed

9. Be Bold... Anything Else is Sub-OptimalWe can reduce risks through knowledge, experience, and tools. Rigor and Boldness go hand-in-hand

2. Excellence and The Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns!We strive for Excellence and Great work, but not perfection. Its always important to understand the trade-off between additional research, questioning, and analysis, but at some point, we reach the 80-90% solution and that should be good enough to get something new started.90% is Accurate Enough

4. Passion and Integrity Guide Our SuccessWe bring through our Passion, Experience, Integrity, Directness, and humility to reinforce principals of the utmost integrity in our individual and collective effortsDriving Remarkable Results...

6. Continuous Assessment and Monitoring of Value Guides SuccessThe value of a business is decided by the market, not some internal financial formula. Ease Succession Planning and Exit Options

8. We Foster Directness and Transparency While Having a Bias for Continuous Learning & ActionWe Don't Promise you WIll Like Everything We Say, but Know it Comes from a Strong Base of Assumptions and Facts. We recognize that Objectivity and Humbleness is Best for Action and CollaborationAssumptions are Meant to be Tested and Massaged.

10. We Strive for Balanced, Effective Leadership and Serve Our Clients to the Best of our AbilitiesEntrepreneurship and Ownership are Tough and Lonely Roles. But we must live within ALL of our Roles to be the Most Effective. Parent, Child, Sibling, Friend, Member and MoreWithout Balance, Our Perspectives Become Skewed and Warped.