Accelerating Revenue Growth and New Product/Market Development

Optimize, De-Risk & Tightly Manage The Business

Aligning and Organizing Teams with Strategic Imperitives

Increasing Returns on Business, Solutions, Product and Investment Portfolios

Decisioneering - Art of Making Better Decisions, De-Risking Situations and Solving Complex Problems

Innovation Acceleration from Concept to Market

Acrelic Group – Figure it Out.  Get It Done!

Acrelic Group was founded to solve complex, significant, business challenges to global executives with  creative, results-oriented, roll-up-the-shirtsleeves resources and approaches.  Our Principles assess and deliver with unique, action-oriented results and outcomes. We have extensive operating and line management track records,   management consulting experience, and  proven communications and consulting methodologies. Most importantly, all work is geared toward the successful execution of strategic, highly valued initiatives. This is what we believe separates us and our clients from the competition. Successful execution of the right, focused initiatives ensures success, especially in rapidly changing environments.

We work quickly to understand the driving forces behind revenue growth and identify any issues that are holding the company back.  We work to fix the problems and not just mask the apparent symptoms.  Once we know what needs attention, we work on reducing the risks and eliminating the problems with minimal cost, effort and as little organizational change as possible.  Our extensive experience allows us how to implement rapidly and successfully.  We won’t just talk; We’ll help you to get it done…

Hope is not a Strategy!

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Navigate your Search for Growth or Fix an operating problem.  We provide, honest, direct and pragmatic approaches to people & business blockers.  Give us a try.

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Business Unit Leaders

Manage Day to Day Operating Returns From the Core Business While Growing Through Investment Dollars and Margin Relief… All While Being Asked to Produce More with Less Resources and Assets.

Corporate Development & M&A Executives

Acquisitions, Divestitures, Roll-Ups, Joint Ventures, Corporate Venture Capital, R&D Portfolio, IP Valuations and Assessments

Growth and Scaling Stage Leadership

Growth Stage Startups Rounds A to Z and Bootsrappers

Institutional Investors

Angel, Venture, Private Equity, Family Office, Hedge Fund, and Captive Investors

Middle Market Boards and Leadership Teams

Up to $1B Companies looking to re-invent their businesses and re-ignite beyond their core business…


Accelerating Standalone Software and Software Connected to Physical Products (Tech HArdware).  GEtting from Concept to Market on a national and global scale

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Acrelic Group is Unique

Helps You Pivot, Choose, and Execute to Achieve Remarkable Results and Outcomes…

We Leverage the Experience from our Team of Executives who Average 15-20 Years of Achieving Successful Results.  This reduces our learning curves, provides clients with inside industry viewpoints, and creates value geared to help make the case with your leadership or Board of Directors.  Our athletes are humble people with the highest integrity who can roll their shirt sleeves up and get to work and get the job done.
Our Passion is to work quickly in quarters, not years to get results and bring a stronger sense of urgency commensurate with the value of the effort
Acrelic and Its Clients are Committed to Creating PRograms and Plans that Can Be Implemented Successfully.  We employ smart program, project and organizational change management that promotes new activities and avoids historical ones that are counter-strategic.
We ensure that the engagement, people and approach are transferring the knowledge gained during the efforts directly to the client team.  Our goals is to support clients in their success, not continue to do the work repeatedly for them.
We deploy proven methods, processes and decision making tools to complement our experienced advisors to conduct practical, directionally accurate, and independent engagements.
We work in concert with our clients and their resources, leveraging existing resources where possible and providing omitted resources when necessary. We only provide value-added resources and will not roll-up the bus filled with freshly minted MBA’s.

Our Principals’ Experience & Outcomes Are Impactful & Meaningful

Net New Revenue Results in $ Billions

Acquisition Experience

Engagements Completed

New Product Releases

Services and Capabilities

Strategic Management and Change

  • Benchmarking and Process Tweaking to Improve Operations
  • Business Assessment and Plan Validation
  • Core Competency Evaluation
  • Corporate, Business, and Product Market Entry Assessments
  • Financial and Product Portfolio Analysis
  • GAP Analysis
  • Screen for Strategic Attractiveness
  • Organizational Alignment with New/Changing Strategies

Functional and Operational Development

  • Customer Lifecycle Values
  • Incentivization and Compensation Analysis
  • Incremental Capital and Expense Modeling
  • Marketing Effectiveness and Product Line Portfolio Assessment
  • Product/Market Fit
  • Lean Startup
  • Business Process Optimization and Engineering
  • Marketing Strategies
  • ideation, Concept, and Innovation Workshops
  • Organizational Development and Alignment

Corporate Development

  • Increase customer satisfaction after downsizing/rightsizing
  • Rationalizing the role and value acquisitions and ventures
  • Gaining visibility on leading indicators of health and success
  • Leading in global markets With a distincitve edge and premium
  • Cascading the drivers, goals and objectives throughout organizations and achieving change in behavior
  • Managing to public company pressures
  • Identify Growth Prospects and Divest Distractions/Diluting Businesses

Research and Data Gathering Services

A complete array of both primary and secondary research techniques :

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Delphi Studies
  • Direct Mail and Telephone Primary Research
  • Focus Groups
  • Ideation and Concept Generation
  • In-Depth Executive Field Interviews
  • Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

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