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Acrelic Group is a Strategic and Trusted Advisor to the CEO, Business Owners and Executives who choose to Improve themselves, their teams, and their business’ agility, culture, effectiveness, leadership, strategies, productivity & value and to produce outcomes that surprise you and  “Achieve Remarkable Results”™

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01     CLARITY

First, finding clarity and practical options to business challenges, whether familiar or new, in order to achieve your goals. Knowing your unique strengths is crucial to deciding where you can go and how quickly you’ll get there. Our 360 Degree Holistic Assessment Diagnostic will clarify the areas on which to shore-up weaknesses, fill-in gaps,  and leverage strengths to ensure maximum impact each step of the way. Supplementing your team with highly experienced owners & executives to clarify your goals is the first step to success.

02     VISION

Second, assessing your unique options and choosing the most strategic & effective path forward. We help your team enhance your vision, clarify the goals, and build the roadmap you need to meet & exceed your goals.  Sharpening your vision with such clarity and determination that with the support and tools of our team, you’ll expand and grow autonomously into the future.


Third, with our collaborative foundation and the perfectly selected members from our group of experts, your business will be able to achieve Remarkable Results™.  You will go farther than you thought possible. Our goal is to help you respond, rather than react.  We do this by aligning perspectives and building up your own expertise. We then assist you to transition through & around inflection points, achieve realistic goals, enter new markets, assess exit and succession options, eliminate organizational & people blockers, and more.

Moving You Forward

Your team will succeed in ways you never thought possible when you collaborate with our principals and their proven tools, expertise and industry experience. Whether you’re an entrepreneur leading a startup or a seasoned CxO running a Global 500 Tech Company or Division, we will help you identify and take advantage of the opportunities that are available to improve your current organization and business performance.

Your Teams are Responsible for Operating and Delivering

Our Principals are a highly experienced collaborative team of experienced business owners, investors, executives, functional executives and board directors. Our track record of leadership roles enables us to share agile business methods that quickly improve performance, quickly.

Work Flexibly, When You Need Us:

You also don’t need to rely on us forever. That’s why we work as a holistic team in collaboration with yours to give you every resource you need to succeed, on your own.  Furthermore, our approach always transfers the knowledge gained in the process to your people to leverage

Acrelic Group has helped countless companies of all sizes achieve Remarkable Results™ – are you ready to do the same?

An Ally to Help: Better You. Better Team. Better Business!

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Solutions for Middle Market Companies and Divisions of Large Companies >$20M in Revenue

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We serve a variety of clients across different business sectors, including:

Middle Market, Technology, Manufacturing, Telecom, Electronics and Transportation



Concept to Market Growth & Scale

Start up founders and entrepreneurs experience a uniquely exciting, yet difficult process when navigating their business needs. Acrelic Group has the experience and expertise needed to succeed!



You’ve been in business for a few years, and navigating through crisis, inflection points and changing technology has become a full time job.  Acrelic Group can help you create a roadmap to greater value and higher profitably.



$1.5Billion and up

Global crises, supply chain shifts, demand upheaval, worker location and cultural changes are just a few of the challenges Acrelic Group can help you navigate. A fresh perspective and expert advice allows you to achieve remarkable success and growth.

Your Ally to:
Grow Organically Grow through M&A Develop New Product Raise Capital to Expand Capacity Improve Cash Flow Clarify Succession or Exit Options Increase Profit & Cash-Flow Fix Problems Raise Capital Retain Talent Avoid Bankruptcy Create Value Establish Organization Alignment

Short Term Repairs & Improve Today's Business

Understand and Improving the Current Business (State)
  • Identify Root Causes
  • Fix Problems
  • Assess Price Sensitivity
  • Increase Cash-Flow
  • Make Improved Decisions
  • Increase Organization Satisfaction & Alignment
  • Pandemic Talent Management
  • Eliminate People & Business blockers

Mid-Term - Stabilize and Optimize Business

Improve the Current State and Prepare for Growth
  • Identify Improvement Areas
  • Create Value Drivers
  • Effective Organizational Solutions
  • Evaluate ‘beta’ Value
  • Reveal Unique Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Distinguish Integrated Value

Strategic Value Creation & Growth

Identify Future States and Create Path & Assets To Get There
  • Proactive Strategic Planning
  • Actionable Strategies
  • Board Coaching
  • Navigating Inflection Points
  • Market Disruption Mitigation
  • Autonomously Improving Structures
  • Create Advisory/Fiduciary Boards
  • Corp. Dev. Expansion – M&A, Geo, Product Lines, Businesses
  • Planned, but Nimble Growth
  • Exit Planning, Succession Planning, and Investment Thesis
David A. Rosen, CEO & Founder, Acrelic Group

Ready to achieve Remarkable Results™?


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Continuously learning and growing, Acrelic Group is committed to achieving Remarkable Results. View our recent insights to learn how!

Case Studies

Over the years, the principals of Acrelic Group have seen and overcome a variety of challenges. Review our case studies to find out how we’ve overcome some common issues.

Work ‘ON‘ and not just ‘IN’ your business

As business owners, executives, and investors, we all work hard.  Operating and Leading a business requires a lot of stamina, persistence, sweat equity, and more.  The highest challenge, and impact to high performance is where you act from.

Working “IN” the business, where you are integral to the performance and delivery of your products and services is great and relaevant in the early formation stages of your business.

The real scaling and traction of the business, begins with Working “ON” the business.  Thinking about improving outcomes, process, results, to continue the KPI trends you are creating will add so much more value to your business value and valuation.

Don't Wait for Crisis. Navigate successfully through and around inflection points.

Move Your Business Forward with Acrelic Group

Better You. Better Team. Better Business.
    • Believe that you or your business should be performing at a higher level?
    • Have an urgent obstacle to overcome?
    • Not sure which is the best step forward?
    • Avoid negative inflection points that are close or far!

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Remarkable Results™

Achieving more than you thought possible and the team continues to discuss it with others.
A positive contribution to something bigger than an individual expected of themselves OR their organization. Triggers others to take notice and comment on the actions and outcomes of the efforts.

Acrelic Group Principals

David A. Rosen

David A. Rosen

CEO, Founder, Managing Principal


David leads the Acrelic team to provide significant and measurable value by utilizing his unique and multi-faceted approach which focuses on the individual, the team, and the organization as independently moving parts as well as a whole system.

In 2020, he founded and became President of the Boston/New England Chapter of the Private Directors Association which now has more than 150 chapter members as of Q2 2021. David has held Board Director roles in 9 companies, both public and private, and has founded 7 startups.

He also mentors, judges, and guest lectures at Boston University, Questrom School of Business and Northwestern University at both the Business (Kellogg) and Engineering (McCormick) Schools.  David currently lives in Boston, MA, with his wife, Lynn, and their Golden Doodle, Stan Lee.

Rod Everhart

Rod Everhart


Prior to Acrelic, Rod was an advisor to Campus Management Corporation who helped orchestrate its growth and acquisition by Leeds Equity in 2008.

From January 1998 until his retirement in May 2001, Rod Everhart served as President of SCT Global Education Solutions. Mr. Everhart and the executive team established the vision and the growth strategies for SCT’s largest division. This was his second affiliation with SCT; from 1985 to 1989, he was Vice President, Finance & Administration, Treasurer, and Chief Financial Officer for SCT.

Menachem Burko

Menachem Burko


Menachem (Manny) Burko is a seasoned executive with more than 30 years of experience in a wide range of senior financial and operational positions in a variety of industries and businesses, from early-stage start-ups to multi-national companies.
During my career, I was involved and supported the fast growth of numerous domestic and multi-national businesses operating under rapidly changing financial and business conditions.
I my various positions I managed international teams operating in several countries, and has utilized my more than 30 year experience to establish open and inclusive business culture that promote cooperation and team work, based on my belief that these are among the key components to a successful growth of a business.
Holding BA in Economics and Accounting and is a certified public accountant (Israel).

Acrelic by the Numbers

What We Do

Acrelic Group works with our clients in a player-coach type of relationship to achieve the best possible results in each and every situation.

M&A Transactions

$ Billion Net New Revenue

56+ Startups & New Product Introductions

Average Principal Experience Yrs.