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Enterprise businesses, those that produce an annual revenue above $1.5 Billion, are not only leaders in North America, but many are global leaders as well. The extremely diverse nature of the markets, products/services, and cultural norms regularly creates new challenges. The impact of a global pandemic intensifies these effects at all levels of business and vary widely from region to region.


Not only have Enterprise businesses grown, somewhat organically or through acquisitions, they have become “conglomerates” with a broad set of products and services, offered to a growing number of customer types and market segments. Acrelic Group understands that new challenges are arising and demanding close attention, These challenges may include, 

1.  The Pandemic is causing tremendous pressure, varied by market and business unit or division, including:

a) Swings in Market Demand and Needs;

b) Disruption in Traditional Supply Chains

c) Creation of new At-Home versus In-Office work environment that is settling on a yet unsolved “hybrid” model, depending on the operational needs of the businesses

2.  The role of business and company governance is being pulled in new directions that are straining the foundational focus on shareholder earnings and returns, including areas such as:

a) Environmental, Social and New Governance Models

b) Political Involvement and Support by Large Corporations and their Leaders

c) Emphasis on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

d) Climate Change and global roles/relationships affecting decision making

3. Extreme expectations to demonstrate high degrees of predictability in Financial Outcomes as well as short term, or even real-time, expectations of continuity.

4. Conflicting views of Globalism versus Nationalism that affect cross border trade economics and shifting costs of acquiring supplies, components, materials, etc.

5. Severe restrictions in risk taking by company investors, shareholders and customers that limit the innovation, use of capital, and other resources that may impact short term financial and economic expectations.

All of these issues are affecting the ability, speed, risk tolerance and innovation that is need to back and energize break-out growth. Given the size and high number of products, product lines, business units, divisions, etc., the management models vary and thus create an increased need for optimized portfolio management.

The comprehensive operating experience, extended networks of high value experts, strong leadership principals, and the broad set of proven tools of Acrelic Group Principals can be the difference between success and failure during this time of great change.

Our support starts at the top, by leveraging our extensive board level expertise and understanding to provide insight in a variety of areas within your strategic initiatives and tactical pursuits. These insights include:

  • Preparing and achieving success in passing the Board and Investment Requirements
  • Articulating the Growth Strategies that make sense based on your company’s competencies and capabilities
  • Demonstrate sound leadership, maturity, effective, and productive practices that get support and enable the group to win
  • Articulating the unique needs of your group, to accomplish unexpected, desired outcomes.


Acrelic Group supports the leaders of business units, divisions, and other groups, by building winning cultures, using process, people and data to can succeed within the existing corporation framework.

What can you Accomplish?

Rationalizing Businesses and Products

    • Understand and identify those businesses at a corporate level, or products at a divisional level, that are additive or dilutive to value.
    • Compare each area on their relative attractiveness with a common set of criteria.
    • Determine which actions are needed to further invest and take a leadership position, including harvest for cash, merge, or spin-out to avoid distractions with other alternative investments, either internal and external.

Identifying Revenue Growth Opportunities and Potential

    • Building a healthy pipeline of new, significant market-based concepts and ideas that feed growth.
    • Evaluating concepts relative to each other to give business leaders a clear set of metrics to evaluate the merit of ideas.
    • Establishing an ongoing knowledge base of concepts in order to avoid redundancy and allows ideas to be brought to market rapidly.

Developing And Improving Market Value For Business Areas, Technologies, Products, and Services

    • Assess and validate the value of a business area, product, technology, intellectual property or service with the market and other strategic players.
    • Stimulate growth and take action to support business development and enhance a team that has a gap in market or commercial experience.

Freeing Up Additional Resources and Improving Productivity

    • Get beyond current resource constraints and free up resources to invest in growth
    • Understand the flow of capital and expenses, profit and value drivers, establish ongoing productivity improvements to hold and exceed current market position.

Successfully Implementing Good Ideas

Understand and manage pan-corporate initiatives, even in adverse conditions and prepare to deal with factors that will ensure an initiatives success.

Better You. Better Team. Better Business.

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