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Helping our Clients and Businesses Achieve Remarkable Results

Acrelic Group accelerates the value creation and outcomes of middle market and large corporate divisions by rapidly improving the leadership team and organization’s nimbleness, effectiveness, productivity, and organizational maturity.  We do this through applying our exceptional, experienced Principals, the application of proven methods and processes, which  diligently focus on tactical & strategic business breakouts and growth priorities while eliminating and mitigating the impact of business and people blockers.


Our highly talented, experienced, and passionate Principals average more than 25yrs of accomplishments (and learned failures) as CEO’s, Founders, C-Suite Execs, Board Members and more.  Acrelic’s Principals collaborate with our clients as player-coaches to fix tactical and strategic performance gaps, create pragmatic and bold strategies, align organizations and outperform market players. Acrelic provides actionable programs that are achievable by you, your leaders and your team.  We assist in increasing the agility of your business and people using proven, well-practiced methods and tools from our C-Suite, board savvy CEO, CFO, CPO, and CMO Principals.  


Acrelic Principals know that in successful transitions, or even tactical change, the individuals as well as the entire team are an essential part of achieving results. Therefore, each Acrelic team dedicated to your business includes input from business psychologists and behaviorists to facilitate a parallel strategy focused on the individual and team issues. A holistic evaluation and diagnostic process guided through a dual approach of people and business processes ensure effective change that will better your business now and into the future.


As your ally and collaborative partner, each of our principal’s utilize their avg. 25 years of experience to work with you to tackle your specific problems.  Our proven approach is lean, nimble and works quickly to solve challenges and achieve goals. Acrelic Group can help you achieve Remarkable Results™ in a variety of areas, including:

    • Freeing up cash and increasing your organizations productivity, effectiveness, and maturity to shift gears into new, higher growth areas and increased value creation;
    • Leveraging data from your organization that can be weaponized as KPIs, OKRs and used to achieve greater maturity, effectiveness, and productivity
    • Identifying, prioritizing and shifting your business assets, people, and other resources toward more profitable market segments with higher growth potential
    • Governing, strategizing and adding skills needed on your growth journey
    • Assessing and shaping your succession planning / exit options from your business
    • Aligning organizations (and stakeholders) to current strategies to minimize counter-productive activity and optimally achieve your goals
    • Eliminating or reducing the impact of business and people blockers

Our experienced and passionate Principals guide you to evolve from where you are to where you want to be. Become a better leader, create high performance teams and add greater value to the markets, all while effectively aligning to create the best possible business culture to achieve Remarkable Results™. 


Acrelic Group is here for you, whether you are a Middle Market Leader or part of a Global 1000 company, we help you improve your business, your team and your future. Get started with your own Acrelic Group team to create an effective, practical path to setting and achieving your goals.

Avoiding the Pitfalls that Impact Growth

There are natural growth hurdles where businesses must change and perform differently to continue to grow. There are also industry changes that necessitate change.  Businesses that refuse to change tend to become stagnant and fall behind the competition. In essence, they stop evolving and get eaten by the competition. 

Is your company evolving to maintain and accelerate relative velocity? Is your business organized for success?  Learn more about the Top 10 Pitfalls that Impact Growth >> More

Whether its adding new products to a product line, adding new product lines or businesses to a portfolio, or pursuing distribution expansion, there are many challenges and risks. In many cases, businesses must decide how best to focus their resources to generate the best value.  Every chosen path eliminates other options.  To maximize the benefit to the company, it is important to determine which choices return the greatest revenue while having the greatest possibility of success. 

Are you pursuing the most promising products and markets?

Deciding and Pursuing Profitable Sources of Revenue

Optimizing Your Business to Free Up Cash

While growing a business, it is essential to operate lean and mean. This allows companies to generate the necessary cash to continue to invest in the company or develop a war chest. Reducing costs is a start, but is often not enough. The real challenge is turning these reductions into a competitive advantage or putting the cash back into the business to fuel more organic growth, without the need for external capital.

Are you generating cash and utilizing it to maximum benefit?

In today’s environment, it is essential to drive and develop the market pace so that your business is the one that dictates the terms of competition…the one to follow, and attempt to beat. It is this ability to sustain leadership over a longer period of time that makes good companies great!

Are you a Market Leader or Follower?  Want to Up Your Game?

Reaching and Sustaining Market Leadership

"Our Sales Grew Immediately from Average Contract Value which Doubled and Our Sales Our Sales Doubled in Just 18 months"

"Acrelic Helped Us Commercialize a Product We Produced for a Defense Client and We Gained 85% Market Share in 3 years"

"Great Strides in our $500M+ R&D Portfolio and We Now Objectively Rank and Stack Rank All New Investment Proposals"

Acrelic Group customized a process to use marketing metrics to evaluate capital and asset spending in our company.  They trained me so I could label this process as “Ours” and start a cascade from the Executive Leadership team down to a line worker.

Our immediate savings showed up at the end of our first quarter after implementation.  We saved tens of millions of dollars by reducing our spend on supplies for equipment being retired.  Exactly what I wanted to achieve.

Telephone Company Executive


Classic Turnaround Situation of a Business Unit that was >50 years old, with a declining revenue stream coming from 100K SKUs of custom products for eletronics and laser research.

We worked collaboritively with the Acrelic Group to turnaround the sales process, establish an outbound sales process, and learn how to have our engineers “consult” on customers needs, not just fulfill an order request froma  catalogue over the phone.

Results spoke for themselves. Average contract and order values rose immediately from the process, coaching, and scripting for our engineering sales team, the outbound approach was raising revenue and profitability.  We turned the business around and generated 18 months of high double digit growth before we were sold to another company in the industry.

Tech Hardware Busienss President

Business Unit President

Business Strategy

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Corporate Development Advisory

Startup Mentoring and Advisory

Product Design

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Human Resources

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Our Process is Simple and Pragmatic

Our experience guides a smooth, strong, well communicated partnering approach with clients.  Acrelic advisors often complement an existing team and provide guidance, program management, quality control, and pace-setting.  The chosen paths for client engagements are meant to be performed in weeks, not months and shown to be actionable in short order.  Our approach begins with DISCOVERY.

1. Discovery

Discovery, also known as the Landscape Phase, provides the baseline of understanding to the scope and dimension of the effort.  In order to understand the root problems and establish a more specific scope we conduct the following:

  1. Establish a baseline and current view
  2. Assess any relevant internal plans, processes and assumptions
  3. Establish the desired/expected outcomes, specifications, objectives and other results needed to succeed
  4. Creates a Series of Assumptions and Hypothesis that need validation in the next phases and provides a baseline of common understanding of the business

2. Conduct GAP Analysis and Secondary Research

At this point, we know what we know and most likely what we dont know.  This phase is critical in filling in the holes and driving closer to the assumptions to drive to a solution:

  1. Scope the effort to close the data gaps
  2. Review Available Research and Client Business Plans for strategic guidance and Identify Tangential areas that can affect the effort including regulatory, competitive, supply chain and other relevant factors
  3. Produce Strategic Characterizations of the Project, CRitical Metrics and Key Success Factors to measure, and Provide a foundation for creating an objective rating and ranking process to understand the top finding and issues

3. Research, Analysis and Workshops

After Researching to Close the Knowledge Gap, its important to Understand what we have learned, analyze the root causes and compare/prioritize the strategic alternatives for moving forward.  To get there, some workshops may be valuable to get common understanding across to the leadership team engaged in the effort and to create objective basis for ranking and prioritizing the steps needed to execute.

4. Operationalizing the Plan and Preparing to Launch

The Culmination of the effort is a set of actional strategies, objectives and tactics that have been prioritized, evaluated against risks, and rated for optimal rewards based on the clients current needs.  This typically includes the action plans and financial pro-formas to measure the progress of the implementation.

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