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Our Service Offerings

Acrelic continues to solve challenges faced by leading companies today that it has been solving for decades of management experience. The past 12 to 24 months have seen the top and bottom of many markets and valuations. Reactions for even the most stable companies have been strong.

Achieving Growth and Innovation in Established Companies


Scaling Startups And Growth Stage Businesses

Strategic, Corporate Development, And Transaction Management Services

Optimizing and Transforming The Business To Free Up Cash

Active Interim Partnerships

Investment Advisory and Venture Capital

Ideation & Investment Prioritization Process

Ideation & Concept Generation

There are many ideas available but Identifying those that are most attractive to you and your business with easy to compare (side by side) OBJECTIVE metrics help to focus on the best and right things.  Organic and non-organic ideas are critical to growth and valuation increases.


Understanding Customer Demands, Needs, and Interests Through Guided Dialogue and Interaction.  Gathering Assumptions on Market Sizing, Segment, Pricing, Substitutes, and Target Markets.

Pre-Production - Engineering Sample

Establishing more parameters on the intersection of Customer Demand, Business Profitability, Operational Risks, and User Experience.

Scaling the Business and Valuation

Getting off the runway and establishing a place in the market for the product/service solution.   Proving the value proposition to customers, managing finances (cash-flow, capital, inventory, profit), gaining momentum and user education/adoption.

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