Job Opportunity - Marketing Manager - Intern

Starting May 2021

Position Title:  Marketing Manager Intern1

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Role and Responsibilities

Excellent Opportunity to Work with more than a dozen senior business owners, executives, and board members in growing advisory firm.  We seek passionate, smart, marketing/journalism business major with strong project management experience, good hands-on skills in web updating, copywriting, digital content, website editing and creation.  Not only will you be supporting teams creating remarkable results for client businesses, but you will engage with us in impactful Strategic Assignments, Profit building, Tactical Operational Improvements, and more as our marketing and project management intern.  Job Requires Hands-on skills including:

  • Effectively Creating, Managing, Delegating, and Following Up on a Marketing Calendar among a dozen plus Principals and Advisors
  • Managing Process of Content Production and Quality Control
  • Some Support of the Sales Process in Generating MQLs including Prospect Lead Qualification
  • Editing, and Publishing High Quality Content on Media Channels including Social, LinkedIn, Live-Streams, Podcasts, Blogs and Websites
  • Conducting Primary and Secondary Market Research
  • Managing and Supporting a Multimedia Channel Marketing Calendar
  • Social Channel Posting including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and others
  • Producing/Editing Podcasts and archived Livestream Events
  • Webinar Production and Management
  • Curating Strategic Initiatives and Related Content, including White Papers, Spotlights, Case Studies, and more.
  • Supporting Role in Client Engagements.


Our Principal Consultants will also mentor our interns and provide value added guidance to anyone working with us. 



Qualifications and Education Requirements

We are looking for our Interns to have the following qualifications and requirements:

  • Pursuing an Undergraduate Technical (Engineering, Physical Sciences, or Under-grad business degree) or Business Degree
  • Knowledge and Experience in online tools for publishing blog posts, social posts, podcasts, live-streams, etc.
  • Marketing Concentration or Major in Business
  • Knowledge of B2B Markets, Products, and User Goals, Needs, and Challenges
  • Experience and knowledge in marketing and selling services in the Technology, Medical Device, Manufacturing, and related markets
  • Excellent Collaborator
  • Managing, Delegating and Follow-up on Content Production Schedules among the Dozen+ Principal Consultants to ensure quality standards, timelines, and commitments are met

Preferred Skills

  • Excellent Time Management
  • Effective and Strong Communications Skills as an Active Listener, with Strong Recruiting Skills
  • Superb Attention to Details and Significant Project Manager Experience and Know-How
  • Knowledge and experience in using WordPress for Posting, editing, scheduling, using theme packages such as Elegant Themes and Related Plug-ins among others
  • Experience and skills in Podcasting, Live Streaming, and related applications
  • Excellent writing skills in service and product industries

Additional Notes