“Hardware is the New Software” 
Interview with David A. Rosen

Part 1

“Hardware is the New Software” 
Interview with David A. Rosen

Part 2


View this two-part Video Interview (Vinterview) with our CEO, David A. Rosen as he talks with Charles Araujo, on behalf of Intel.

However, the complexity of parrallel software and hardware development methods are so different, that more of these efforts die, with huge capital investments needed to create them.  This narrows the investment pool willing to take on Software and Hardware endeavors. 

While local manufacturing has been growing for 7-10 years (and accelerated due to the Pandemic), the technology is changing dramatically as well.  Hear his views and Discussion with Charles as Manufacturing in the USA shifts and increases locally to follow demand.

Demand is changing from desire by consumers for “Mass” manufactured products to more “Personalized, or Custom” manufactured products.  To be more responsive and nimble, product makers are moving their manufacturing back, closer to Demand, as opposed to closer to Supply where they have low cost labor and assets.

Since the USA is still the largest consuming economy in the world, for now, more manufacturing has been returning to country.  And with the demand shifts, the manufacturing technologies are going through a sea-change and spurring new production processes.




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