Key Leadership Pillers and Strategies Interview Episode with David A. Rosen

Thanks to Mark Bayer of When Science Speaks.  The interview with David A. Rosen, discussed many issues surrounding leadership in growth companies.  Mark Bayer interviewing our Founder, CEO, David Rosen.

When Science SpeaksOn this week’s episode, David Rosen, CEO of Acrelic Group, Adviser and Mentor at  TechLaunch (Accelerator), and several tech hardware and software companies, discusses the leadership pillars he’s developed over the course of his career and related performance-optimizing strategies. Highlights include:

The qualities and skills David believes make an effective leader

Why can it be challenging for some scientists and engineers to effectively communicate with investors, for example, or policymakers, and how Acrelic helps them overcome these challenges

With historic challenges across all sectors in society due to COVID, what leaders – whether in corporate America, government, or the non-profit world – should be doing right now to help their organizations navigate these challenging times

Thinking about the knowledge, skills, and abilities of effective leaders – and as a longtime mentor – how David helps his mentees develop and use these skills to advance their companies and their own professional careers

The mission and operations of Notiphy, where David is an investor and co-Founder

Details about the New England Chapter of the Private Directors Association, which David established

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