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Turnaround of Complex Parts Maker – Oriel Instruments

Turnaround of Complex Parts Maker – Oriel Instruments

The new business unit leader realized that they couldnt depend on the historical catalog marketing approach (Drop Ship a Catalog, and wait for the phone to ring).

The key learnings here included:

ADDING Inbound sales approach could turnaround a primarily inbound business

Changing the Script to include asking about the projects that customers were working on was easily able to increase the average contract value

Increased Market Intimacy Assisted in Prioritizing Outbound Telesales Efforts and Engineers were More Excited about outbound calling and selling


“How David Does Business with Goliath”

See Our CEO, David A. Rosen, Speak to more than 300 Business Owners & Entrepreneurs from Europe, in Slovenia.  He was sponsored by the US State Department, CEED – Slovenia, and World Chicago  Organizations.

David shares his methods, approaches, and secrets on doing business with the largest of companies and global 1000.

Is it " Software is the New .... Hardware... Hardware is the New Software?

View our CEO, David A. Rosen as he talks with Charles Araujo, on behalf of Intel.  Hear his views as Manufacturing in the USA shifts and increases locally and follow demand.

Demand is changing from desire by consumers for “Mass” manufactured products to more “Personalized, or Custom” manufactured products.  To be more responsive and nimble, product makers are moving their manufacturing back, closer to Demand, as opposed to closer to Supply where they have low cost labor and assets.

“Hardware is the New Software” 
Interview with David A. Rosen

Part 1

“Hardware is the New Software” 
Interview with David A. Rosen

Part 2