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David A. Rosen

David A. Rosen

CEO & Founder

Innovative, strategic-thinking technology industry executive and growth hacker who drives sustainable national and global growth and leads business success by integrating people, process, and technology solutions to deliver business results.

David Rosen is an accomplished business owner, executive, board director, recovering entrepreneur, strategic thinker, and growth hacker.  Rosen is a versatile strategist who combines his keen market sensitivity and strong orientation in top line growth and negotiations with his process-oriented entrepreneurial spirit, and business acumen to transform innovative ideas into profits. A master innovator, collaborator, communicator and leader, Rosen works to define business objectives and articulate the corporate vision in a way that inspires imagination and compels appropriate action throughout the organization. Whether leading organic/in-organic growth, managing cost, influencing the top line or creating vibrant and productive partnerships, his focus is on blending customer demand factors, business economics, and technology/solution & services viability – touching the heart, moving the mind, and widening the wallet.  The result is: true paradigm shifts, sustainable change, organizational alignment, and the achievement of overall business objectives.

What sets David apart is that he has charted his path by rising through a variety of operational, business leadership, advisory, corporate development/M&A, and revenue generating roles in highly regulated and uniquely challenging industries.  David has introduced category changing thinking while guiding purposeful and adaptable practices with positive results for customers and profitable returns for his businesses, repeatedly, in automation, telecom, software, computing hardware, defense commercialization, professional services, Telecom, transportation & logistics, energy as well as original equipment manufacturing,

Currently, David is the CEO of Acrelic Group, Advisor and Mentor at Signal Lake (VC), TechLaunch (Accelerator), and is an investor and advisor in several Tech Hardware and Software startup companies. His current thesis surrounds opportunities for software and systems in growth markets such as: Autonomous Vehicle Supply Chain, Aerospace, AR/VR, AI, Advanced MFG, IoT, Process Automation & Controls, Robotics, Smart City/Building Automation, Technology Commercialization, & Transportation among others.

David’s experience can be summarized as follows:

  • Leading roles in 40+ successful M&A transactions ranging from $500K to $2.5Billion +
  • Personally involved in six (6) exits
  • CEO/Managing Director of three businesses ($.5M to $150M+)
  • Six (6) board and board advisor positions
  • Founder and CEO of enterprise marketing and lead qualification SaaS software company in 2002 (WarpSales)
  • Built the 35th – 28th largest Global Management Consulting business in 1998-2000
  • Turnaround and Leadership of several organizations of tens, hundreds and thousands of employees that achieved and sustained significant growth
  • Lead thousands of business consulting engagements in 50 market segments.

With a strong penchant for bootstrapped growth, David excels by building business through customer revenue than through equity raises.