Acrelic Group Deploys Best-In- Class Methodologies Appropriate to a Client’s Efforts, Intents and Culture. Acrelic Leverages These Methodologies Across The Spectrum From Planning Through Implementation.

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The last thing anyone wants is to slow the business down or take a turn in direction due to unexpected shifts in the market or the business operations.  We have focused on the top 10 issues that could cause these problems.  Not only can we help avoid them, but we can help fix them when you need to deal with them.

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Some Recent Client Engagements

Our clients are varied from small $1-$2M small businesses to the Global 50 type companies.  We partner with our client teams to ensure that rapid, successful efforts are successful. 

Please feel free to reach out and talk with us about what we are doing, how we work and what other kinds of objectives we help accomplish or problems we help to resolve.  Here is a list of some recent engagements:

  • Designed a Screening Process to Identify the Best Acquisition Candidates along with an approach and implementation plan and schedule
  • Created An Effective Process For Rating And Ranking New Concepts
  • Conducted A Market Segmentation For Benchmarking
  • Conducted A Business Unit Portfolio Analysis To Provide A Risk Adjusted Hurdle Rate Of Return Baseline
  • Validated The Value Of A Technology That Would Be Commercialized (Part 1)
  • Designed And Assisted In The Entry of A New Technology To Market (Part 2)
  • Created An Investment Review Process For A Business Unit Leadership Team To Rate And Rank Its Investments In New Technologies
  • Re-Designed the Workflow for a 100+ seat Inside Sales Team to increase the sales pipeline with the same number of resources
  • Designed and Rolled Out an expansion plan for a US manufacturer that included additional sales and channel coverage in the US and new resources and beachheads outside of North America
  • Aided in mapping out the value chain and profiling/segmenting of an industry to create a roadmap for acquisitions, product investments and partnering opportunities to fill out the solutions offering for a large corporation

Please contact us at or speak to David Rosen, Managing Director 908-222-2900 x. 111 to learn more. 

Also, please see our case studies here ... 
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