Acrelic continues to solve challenges faced by leading companies today that it has been solving for decades of management experience. The past 12 to 24 months have seen the top and bottom of many markets and valuations. Reactions for even the most stable companies have been strong.

Leadership of global companies is faced with:

  • Dramatically reduced workforces;

  • Shrinking or uncertain markets and low demand visibility;

  • Financial pressures from market analysts;

  • Low morale;

  • Eroding customer satisfaction;

  • Difficulty in getting people and organizations to cooperate effectively;

  • Increasing competition and industry consolidations from well financed and backed multi-national organizations; and

  • Businesses and product lines that are diluting earnings and valuation as opposed to adding value…

Given these conditions, management finds it difficult to deal with such critical issues and objectives such as:

  • Identifying and exploiting growth opportunities;

  • Freeing up cash to invest in growth;

  • Taking additional resources, capital and people out from the business in order to fund new investments;

  • Improving customer satisfaction;

  • Increasing productivity to improve profit and free cash flow;

  • Generating dramatically increased value from business areas that currently are underperforming or clearly losing market position;

  • Leveraging pan-company resources to attack strategic and competitive challenges; and

  • Improving the revenue per customer and taking advantage of opportunities for cross-selling across corporate organizations.


Acrelic is here for you. We react quickly, with rigor, and deliver results. We would be glad to discuss this and more at your convenience.

To contact Acrelic and learn more about the firm and its successes, please contact
Mr. David A. Rosen, Managing Director & CEO at 908/222-2900


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