Most leading companies, in order to focus on their unique strengths and to distinguish themselves from competitors, focus on one dimension, either:
• People or Customer Centric.
• Product/Technology based, or
• Process/Operational Driven

Career advisors such as engineering firms, management consultancies, and market research and custom consulting firms all provide views from one of these dimensions. Acrelic Group clients come to us because we provide appropriate balance of all three dimensions while diving into the depths of each. This is how Acrelic provides unique results that immediately turn into value.

Acrelic distinguishes itself on the ability to understand the capabilities and applicability of a technology across a variety of markets and determine whether a supporting business model can generate a market leading, profitable approach. And, when businesses no longer stay mainstream in a company and start diluting value rather than adding it, Acrelic deploys its experience to support the packaging and alternatives for a business entity to be sold in a public or private transaction.


Our strength comes not only from a strong team, but a process orientation with effective methods, and strong communications. The principals are experienced leaders who have had accountability in large, global organizations and who bring breadth and depth to client engagements. Each consultant understand what dimensions of a business to focus on a specific issue and point in time and know how to connect the area of focus back to the other dimensions which reduce the risk of failure and increase the probability of success through effective transition from planning through implementation and beyond.

Acrelic consultants work rapidly to meet client needs and accomplish great things in short periods of time. Acrelic takes a strong position that favors process and methodologies to approach, address and solve challenges. However, our experience dictates that these same tools can be an anchor to momentum, action and success. Our approach is simple and pragmatic. Acrelic consultants have all used many best-in-class methodologies in building and defending business cases, attracting and closing investments with management committees and boards or outside funding sources, and motivating employees to change behavior and convince them that what we intend to do is the best course of action.


Working closely with our clients and their teams, we strive to transfer the residual knowledge gained during efforts. This ensures that teams take ownership for their own efforts and don’t depend on outside advisors for long-term accountability and responsibility. Acrelic principals prefer to continue implementing chosen strategies or getting involved in more diverse opportunities.


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