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Whether supporting long-range efforts or short term tactics, Acrelic is able to provide the following assistance to its clients:
  • Corporate, Business & Product Market Entry
  • Financial and Product Portfolio Analysis
  • New Concept Generation and Knowledge Base
  • Screen for Strategic Attractiveness (SSA)
  • Business Assessment and Plan Validation
  • Core Competency Evaluation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Benchmarking and Process Tweaking to Improve Productivity
  • GAP Analysis
  • Plan Development


Acrelic is committed to the belief that successful mergers, acquisitions, and dispositions must be based on sound strategic planning, and execution. Acrelic provides the advisor continuity for a transaction from the time it becomes a gleam in the eye to post acquisition integration. The firm provides turn-key project management or facilitates components of the business development process. Acrelic provides strategic, functional, financial, legal, and technical support for:

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Dispositions
  • Licensing, Patent, and Royalty Arrangements
  • Intellectual Property, Technology Valuation and Market Assessment


To respond to changes in markets, industries, mergers & acquisitions, buying behavior, etc., Acrelic provides unique skills in the areas of:

  • Organizational Development, Alignment and Structure
  • Marketing Effectiveness and Product Line Portfolio Development
  • New Concept and Revenue Generation
  • Marketing Strategies Through Product and Support Tactics
  • Incentivization and Compensation Analysis (Motivation and Performance)
  • Customer Lifecycle Values
  • Incremental Capital and expense modeling


Acrelic utilizes a complete array of both primary and secondary research techniques and options to resolve demand, market, industry, product, and technical assessment needs through:

  • Market Research - primary and secondary
  • In-depth Executive Field Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Direct Mail and Telephone Surveys
  • Delphi Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Ideation & Concept Generation


Once you have "figured it out", the next significant challenge is getting your organizations to change their behavior, workflow, and thinking.  Working with small teams of 5-50 people or our time spent in larger organizations of thousands and tens of thousands of employees requires strong methods to get people, teams and organizations focused on success.  Not only do you have to demonstrate how you will affect people's hearts, minds and wallets, but you have to provide the necessary education, modeling, examples, workflow required to implement your desired changes.  Our methods are based on successful change where our clients have needed to reduce time, increase effectiveness, avoid doing non-essential work, reduced cost, among other needs.  Our methods include:

  • Present Methods vs. Future Methods Analytics
  • Workflow Analysis to Achieve Stepwise improvements
  • Re-engineering for Productivity Improvement
  • Leadership During Adverse Conditions
  • Cascading Goals and Objectives in Global Enterprises
  • Activity Based Costing

To learn more, contact Acrelic Group by contacting David A. Rosen, Managing Director at 908-222-2900 or

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