The Acrelic Group Principal team is made up of seasoned operating executives who have unique leadership styles and skills and average more than  20 years of experience.

Our Principals are backed up by more than a dozen  subject matter experts, business analysts (financial, marketing, research, IT, Operations) 


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Acrelic was founded in 2002 and since its founding has been active on 3 continents  Principals and the firm have been been active in:


  • 42 Acquisitions, Dispositions, Buyouts and Roll-ups transactions
  • Thousands of Consulting engagements
  • Assignments on 5 Continents
  • 60 New Product Launches
  • 30 Channel Assignments
  • 15+ Ideation Efforts
  • 80 + Joint Venture/Partnering Assignments

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Mr. David A. Rosen Managing Director, Principal
Mr. Rod Everhart Principal
Mr. Howard Fiderer Principal
Mr. John Friedenfelds Principal
Mr. Andrew Lippman Principal
Mr. Brian Rezach Principal
Mr. Sammy Thomas Principal

Well Balanced and Comprehensive Viewpoint:


We are known for bringing it all together working with complex technologies, unique markets and Tough cultural and business environments that need some change.

Action Oriented Approach:
  Our Experience and Process tools enable us to have a short learning curve to think and act quickly.
Transfer of Residual Knowledge and Frictionless Execution:
  Our people experience and bias towards getting organizations to self-manage their decisions, actions and directions has benefited clients dramatically. Learning what it takes to be successful and getting large organizations to change their behavior to match new goals is at the heart of Acrelic Group intents.

Guiding the Quality and Success of Our Efforts

Our experience is broad and deep. Our business, technology and market experience spans across more than 50 market segments.   The majority of our principals come from roles of CEO, COO, Sr. VP and VP roles within industries largest and leading technology businesses.  Learn more about our principles that guide us: >>  more

Our credentials include:
  • Managed and partnered in more than 40 successful transactions (mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, joint ventures, cross-border agreements, and investments),
  • Commanded hundreds of millions of dollars in direct business revenue growth as Managing Directors, CEO’s and Presidents,
  • Lead growing and evolving organizations of tens, hundreds, and thousands of people across 5 continents
  • Delivered more than 2000 consulting and corporate initiative assignments during their careers and
  • Generated Billions of dollars of net new value.
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