Client Challenge

A leading communications firm in the Northeast has expanded rapidly, acquiring three direct competitors and two complementary businesses. While continuing to grow profitably, the business did not initially realize the expected goals and synergy to achieve the expected profits. Furthermore, integration and cross-fertilization between divisions was spotty.

Figure it Out and Get it Done.  Action

Acrelic team members conducted top-to-top meetings with key personnel from each division and 360 degree interviews with 2nd tier personnel, developing a clear assessment of the issues, and then putting actions in place to improve the situation.

Acrelic worked with ownership and key Team Leaders to centralize all support functions, reducing duplication of effort and saving both time and money. The client implemented share groups within functional disciplines such as "marketing strategy," "Business development," and "creative development" in order to build a disciplined process of information sharing and cross-fertilization.

A marketing effort was undertaken to educate clients about changes at the firm, leading to increased awareness of all services, and ultimately increased business.

Remarkable Results

The impact was immediate. Within two months, inter-divisional sharing improved, resulting in improved creative (3 creative rewards received as a result so far). The company gained annualized cost savings of $850,000 through centralizing services. AND the average value of each client improved by +12%

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