Client Challenge

Vice President of Business Development for a Large Defense manufacturer sees an opportunity to commercialize a defense technology and apply it to a new, growing market of Over The Air - HDTV. The team that makes the product requests investment dollars to complete the commercialization of the product and to enter the market. The VP requested Acrelic to assess and confirm the need for the technology and and validate their business plan assumptions.

Figure it Out and Get it Done.  Action

Acrelic worked closely with the Vice President and the operating team for the defense technology. We conducted primary research, both telephone interviews and in-person interviews with suppliers, customers and competitors and validated the business plan. Our findings showed that given their limited commercial resources, they would be able to reduce their market entry and cost of sales expenses by up to 80% and through an effective approach in packaging, could increase the number of unites they sold and deployed. Acrelic not only validated the business plan, but for a period of a year into market launch stayed with the group to assist in its commercial market entry.

Remarkable Results

Acrelic’s client was able to reduce their marketing costs for entering this new market by more than 85% of their initial forecast by working with Acrelic and exceeded their revenue targets for two straight years.

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