Given the adverse market conditions, it becomes even more critical to have answers about your business, manage predictability, know how to break away from the pack, and make decisions rapidly based on strategic interests. High, double-digit growth may not resume for many companies for at least 18- to- 24 months, if at all.

Acrelic Group’s strengths are currently focused on the following areas:

Rationalizing Businesses and Products
  • Understand and identify those businesses at a corporate level, or products at a divisional level, that are additive or dilutive to value;
  • Compare each area or family on their relative attractiveness with a common set of criteria and metrics;
  • Determine what actions are needed to further invest and take a leadership position; harvest for cash, or merge, spin-out to avoid distractions with other alternative investments (internal and external) are all at the heart of rationalizing the business.

Identifying Revenue Growth Opportunities and Potential

  • Building a healthy pipeline of new, significant market-based concepts and ideas that feed growth;
  • Evaluating concepts relative to each other to give business leaders a clear set of metrics to evaluate the merit of “their” ideas;
  • Establishing an ongoing knowledge base of concepts that avoids redundancy and allows ideas to be brought to market rapidly.

Developing And Improving Market Value For Business Areas, Technologies, Products, and Services

  • Assess and validate the value of a business area, product, technology, Intellectual Property or service with the market and other strategic players;
  • Stimulate growth and take action to support business development and enhance a team that has a gap in market or commercial experience

Freeing Up Additional Resources and Improving Productivity

  • Get beyond current resource constraints and free up resources to invest in growth of the business;
  • Understand the flow of capital and expenses, profit and value drivers within the business and establish ongoing, productivity improvements mandated to hold and exceed current market position

Successfully Implementing Good Ideas

  • Understand and manage pan-corporate initiatives, even in adverse conditions and prepare to deal with those things that will separate an initiative between success and failure.

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